Made with mini pony beads (4mm x 7mm)
40" Rexlace



Start beading
with the bottom petal ...
Lavender Bunny
 Thread all the beads
for the next petal ...
Pink Bunny
 Start weaving ... 
  •  Skip the 3 red
  • red, 2 yellow, red
  •  yellow, black, yellow
  • black
  • Next petal ...
  • Skip 4 red
  • 5 red
  • red, black, red
  • black
  • Add two more petals
    to the other side ...
    Thread into the black beads
    to close the pansy ..
    Thread yellow bead
    to base of pansy
    Pull ...

    Stem Option One ...
    Cut plastic straw lenghtwise ...
    Using Pony Beads (not mini)
    cover the straw ...
    Slide the Rexlace
    into the straw ...
    Knot ... trim the Rexlace
    Now, you can stand the pansy
    into a vase.

    Back View
    Stem Option Two ...
    Add 4 more green beads 
    to make a stem 

    wire and plier
    Stem Option Three ...
    A Coil Bracelet ...
    10" of plastic coated wire
    Straight nose pliers
    Using Stem Option Two ...
    Make a circle by connecting
    the last green bead with 
    the first yellow bead
    Knot ...
    With pliers bend a loop 
    at one end of wire ...

    Thread enough beads to cover
    the wire ... leaving the end " uncover
    Bend a loop ... leave a little space 
    for the beads to move.
    Coil the beaded wire to form a circle.
    Slide the Pansy in place...

    Front and Back
    Stem Option Four ...

    No stem...
    Make a pin out of it

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    Copyright  2000
    All rights reserved