Carrot Bracelet
Carrot Bracelet  (6")
Made with mini pony beads (4mm x 7mm)
6" hemp (20#)
36" hemp (20#)
13 Glitter Green or Green
24 Glitter Orange or Orange

Find centers of the
6" and 36" pieces 
of hemp. 
Make a Lark's head
or half hitch knot.
Lark's head
Carrot Pattern
Start beading... besure to add 
a  knot between the carrots.
Knot between carrots

End Knot
To finish...
tie an overhand knot at the end of the bracelet
slide the bead into the hemp
tie another overhand knot about 3/8" away

From the other end... (6" hemp)
tie an overhand knot 
about 3/8" from the top of the carrot 

Trim off the excess hemp

Carrot Bracelet



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