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TURBAN PATTERN... learn how to sew a turban...

Bear with Turban

Bear With Cap
Bear with Turban
Back of Bear with Version 1 Turban Back of Bear with Version 2 Turban
Night or Day cap
Turban front
Turban back version 1
Turban back version 2

You'll need 7/8 yard stretch knit fabric. Before you can start cutting, pre wash the fabric. 
(You can make 3 to 4 turbans and or caps with 7/8 yard.)
Four Hats
small 11"w X 30"h
medium 12"w X 30"h
large 13"w X 30"h
TAB (all sizes) 4"w X 5"h
1/2" seam allowance included
Fold fabric in half against the grain with RIGHT sides together.
See CHARTfor the correct size. 
Pattern Layouts
With the TURBAN fold RIGHT sides together, sew* side edges. 
Be sure to leave 1/2" opening for TAB.
This is a good time to try the TURBAN on... be sure it's not too big...
increase the seam allowance to correct fit.
Fold TAB in half lengthwise, with RIGHT sides together. 
Sew the seam.
Turn TAB RIGHT side out, bring seam to center on UNDERSIDE.
(*... I like sewing the edges better then serging... it's easier to fold the TURBAN front and back.)
Sewing Info for TURBANSewing Info for TAB
Press open seams. Press under 3/8" and zig-zag around the lower edge. 
Or you can stretch and serge around the lower edge. 
Serge the Lower Edge
TURBAN (front)
Press under 1 1/4". Stitch in the ditch to form hem. 
Insert TAB through the opening. 
Turban Front with Tab
Wrap the TAB around and sew the ends together... 
be sure to sew as close to the TURBAN as possible. 
Cut off the extra fabric and zig-zag the edge.
Turban and Tab
Rotate the TAB seam to the underside of TURBAN.
Tab Rotated to Back of Turban
TURBAN front
Finished Turban Front
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TURBAN (back) Version 1
Press open the back seam. Fold it together like a paper fan. 
Be sure the hem matches the TURBAN front. 
If you can, stitch in place. If it's too thick, hand sew it in place.
Turban Back... Version 1
Finish TURBAN back
Back of Bear... Version 1
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TURBAN (back) Version 2
Press open the back seam. Fold up 3 tucks... and tuck corner under.
Click on picture to see more detail...
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Pin the three tucks.
Pin the Three Tucks
Fold the 1 1/4" hem over.
Fold Hem Over
Stitch in the ditch to secure these tucks.
Stitch in the Ditch to Secure the Tucks.
TURBAN back... Version 2
Back of Bear... Version 2
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